About Us


Sikholarship Foundation is a not for profit organisation. Its works towards generating financial resources for Sikh students. Its a bridge organisation between available resources and needy Sikh students. It is coordinating with Sikh population to contribute for the education of its posterity. Sikholarship is creating a nexus model between Sikh students and Sikh mass to generate the funds whenever and wherever needed.


  • To promote the level of education in Sikh Students.
  • To motivate the Sikh students in such trades which have less presence of Sikhs at the time.
  • To financially support the Sikh students in need.
  • To create a mentor ship umbrella for Sikh students to help in their study.
  • To convince the Sikh population to start new scholarships.


  • To start new scholarships in the field of Mass Communication, Journalism and Law .
  • To support International Sikh Confederation ( Chandigarh ) in the project to fund aspiring Candidates to prepare for Public Services.
  • To financially support any Sikh student in need.

Note: Sikholarship Foundation doesnot collect any money from anybody. It bridges the students in need to sikh sponsors.