Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saanjh Sikh Scholarship Mission

Saanjh Sikh Scholarship’s mission is to work with parents, students, and community members to encourage higher education for Sikh students in California and Texas by providing need-based and merit-based financial scholarships to selected students entering undergraduate studies.

Applicant FAQs
Who is Eligible for this Scholarship?
Aspiring Sikh students who are entering their first year of Community College/4-year-University education in Fall 2010. Transfer students also welcome to apply.  Applicants must be California or Texas State residents.  Minimum GPA of 3.0 unweighted.
How will Students be Selected?
A committee of professionals will review the applications and select recipients. While making its decisions, the committee will consider the following:
  • Student’s desire to grow in Sikhi
  • Student’s desire and ability to grow through her/his undergraduate education
  • Student’s financial need
  • Student’s commitment to an alternate career (careers in which Sikhs are traditionally underrepresented)
  • Student's dedication to humanity through Seva
What Scholarships will be Awarded?
Scholarships of $1000 and $2000 will be awarded to 3-6 students in each state.  Three types of students will awarded scholarships:
  1. High school graduating seniors entering 4-yr universities
  2. High school graduating seniors entering 2-yr community colleges with the intention of transfering to 4-yr schools
  3. Students transferring to 4-yr universities
When is the application due?
A completed application must be submitted online by April 1st, 2011, 11:59 PST.
Will you request other information from us, like transcripts and tax returns?
Yes, additional supporting documents—official transcript; admission letter; financial aid offer letter and/or tax return; phone number of a reference—will be requested later, in due course, from the finalists.
When will I find out if I've been selected to be a finalist?
Finalists will be contacted in May 2011, via email and/or phone.
When will the scholarship recipients be announced?
Scholarship winners will be announced in mid-Summer 2011 and checks will be mailed out subsequently.
I am a California/Texas resident, but plan on attending a university outside of California/Texas.  Am I still eligable?
Yes.  As long as you are a resident of CA or TX, you may still apply!
This scholarship is made possible with Guru's Grace and by generous donation from the Community. Please donate. Thank you!
Still Have Questions?
Email us! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
California, please call (909) 257-SIKH
Texas, please call (210) 709-SIKH
Find us on Facebook!

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