Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Resorces For Sikh Students

Resorces For Sikh Students

Gurfateh Ji,
We are a Sikh group from Toronto, Canada. We have started an initiative to produce some resources for our Sikh students and posterity. Now, we are lobbing around the world to get ideas of our brothers and sisters on the same issue. Please send your kind comments on :-
What are the most crucial challenges Sikh students have been facing NOW or expected in future ?????
What financial resources are available for Sikh students from all the means as Institutions, Gurduaras, Groups or other societies ????
Do we have any Mentorship programs for guidance or training ?????
Do we ever tried to gather Sikh students around the world on any International platform ????
What other steps are needed to strengthen, to help, to guide, to involve our all Sikh students ????
Your participation is highly required. Please leave your kind comments and also forward this to all your friends.................................................
GurFateh !!!!!

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