Friday, February 25, 2011

Sikh Student Self-help Group

Waheguru ji ka khalsa !!
Waheguru ji ki Fateh !!

Sikhs are one of the minorities in the world which gained a lot of recognition because of their hard work ship , honesty and dedication towards work and high level of positive attitude even in the worst moments of one's life. But all the qualities our forefathers have could not be passed to our posterity for one reason or another. Many anti-Sikh powers and even some so-called Sikh bodies have spoiled the Sikh youth in general and Sikh students in particular to such an extent that we have been hardly getting any talent out of our community taking hard-core competition. In some cases, we have some very meritorious students who are unable to do so because of lack of funds or motivation or guidance or inspiration. So, it is the need of moment that Sikh students have some sort of self-help group which can help each other in way whatever they can or as needed. For these sort of things, we have nothing to do with any big politicians, religious bodies or any recognised personalities.
We have to come forward to help our younger brotherhood by all means. Please send your comments on this or any suggestions whatever you feel about this. These is about all Sikh students either they are in Asia, Europe, India , Pakistan, Afganistan , North America or Australia. This network will help us all in future.


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